Does your site have a xml sitemap? Now I will recommend you free Sitemap software to create sitemap and then Bing sitemap to search engines instantly.

Xml sitemap

Xml sitemap is a kind of sitemap which is adopted by search engines like Google. It will tell Google your site content ,especially its pretty large for search engine crawlers to crawl, or your site has too many dynamic content ,like pictures, or java content, or it has a complicated navigation system of your site is completely new. Then Xml sitemap is very useful for your website.

Sitemap software

I highly recommend you not creating XML sitemap by hands as it’s troublesome, at the same time, you are easy to make mistakes. This will cause your sitemap content won’t be created by search engines completely. So USE A FREE sitemap software to generate XML sitemap is the best chose. It can achieve all of the procedures that you do by hands from generating, to uploading to pinging to search engines for your XML sitemap.

To create Bing sitemap with the four steps:

Put into your site base URL
Set up your URL info or choose them as default
Save and Generate the Bing sitemap
At last, upload and ping your sitemap

Bing sitemap

It helps you create Bing sitemap. Moreover, you can directly and instantly upload the created sitemap to your web server. And you can choose the major search engines to ping the Bing sitemap. All of the process will cost just a few minutes.

Now don’t be hesitated, try the free sitemap X -Sitemap software to Xml sitemap and submit the bing sitemap to search engines. All of the process will be automated without you lifting a finger.

If you own a big website, then like it or not, you should create your website a complete and valid sitemap to help it get quick index and win visitors’ preference—it seems to be a necessity to have your website popular among search engines and internet users.

Such sitemap is especially necessary for these sites:
1. A site has dynamic content.
2. A site has pages that aren’t easily discovered by Googlebot during the crawl process—for example, pages featuring rich AJAX or images.
3. A site is new and has few links to it. (Googlebot crawls the web by following links from one page to another, so if your site isn’t well linked, it may be hard for us to discover it.)
4. A site has a large archive of content pages that are not well linked to each other, or are not linked at all.

Now we can talk about the tedious and backbreaking manual sitemap creation: you can create a sitemap manually with a plain-text editor or Dreamweaver by following a standard sitemap template. But if your site contains more than 10 URLs, then you have to spend lots of efforts and should be very careful when editing the sitemap, in case your efforts may end up in an incomplete or invalid sitemap.

Then, how to make this easy? Using sitemap creator is the quickest and most effective way to build your site a sitemap.

Sitemap creator is a free site map tool which can automate the whole process of site map building: automatically crawl your site and generate a complete and standard site map; instantly upload the generated site maps to your server with the built-in FTP/FTPS/SFTP Client; immediately ping search engines about the newly generated site map and save your time to submit it to different search engines; timely notify the search engines of the changes of your site with updated site maps. You can easily create a sitemap with it.

With such a sitemap maker, you can save much of your time, energy and even money to build your website perfect sitemap which will bring you many benefits. Try to find a good one on the internet, and use it to facilitate your sitemap building work. You’ll gonna enjoy it very much.

As we have realized the importance of google site maps, next is how to generate site map. Certainly, there are many related tools, online ways or manual ways available, but most of them are very complex or expensive or even worse both. The following is one of the manual ways to make google site maps that you can take as a reference:

# Find a xml template
# Open xml in DW, and edit sitemap related files
# Add your pages URLs (and other URLs you’d like search engines  to view) to corresponding files.
How to Generate Site Map with Free Sitemap Generator

Common process includes the following three steps:

Make Sitemap
As we mentioned above, there are so many sorts of sitemaps, you have to create all of them. Don’ you think the whole process is extremely difficult? If you ever made a mistake, then search engine crawlers won’t index your site timely or you navigate your users to a broken link. Therefore, if you make sitemap by hands, you must be careful and guarantee not to make any mistake.

Upload it to your website server
After creating your sitemap, you should manually upload it to your webserver.

Ping search engines
In order to let search engines know your updated sitemap more quickly, you should ping search engines about your new sitemap.

If you will change or update your sitemap file, you have to do the whole process once again. This will take you massive of time and efforts.

Don’t you want to know the most effective method to make sitemap? It only takes you a few minutes or even seconds to finish the above 3 steps.
Yes, this free sitemap generator is really such an easy and full-featured sitemap assistant which is suitable for all webmasters. Yes, this tool is life-time free and all types of users can easily manage it. With just one Sitemap X, most of your time and energy can be highly saved. And more importantly, your site will enjoy a good ranking position for all major search engines. Hope you will like it also!


Want to know the importance of sitemap and how to create sitemap for your site? Don’t be hurry; this article will solve all of your problems.

Sitemap for google

Firstly,Sitemap for google will tell users and search engines your sitemap content and structures. Users will be guided to where they go to, search engines will crawl and index and rank your site better with the sitemap. It can largely improve your rankings in search engines and site visitors. Our site-all have sitemap, so our site can be index in a few days. Without Sitemap for google, your site won’t be crawl in time. After know why the sitemap for google is important, let’s look at how to create sitemap freely?

how to build sitemap?

If you are an online webmasters, then you must know how to build sitemap. Of course, you should use a free sitemap generator, So I recommend you to use Sitemap X .It‘s designed for webmasters to create and submit sitemap to Google and other search engines.

Here is how to build sitemap using this sitemap generator:

By just putting into your site base URL and other additional info, like webpage types, URL priority and sitemap formats, you can get Sitemap-The best sitemap generator to crawl and index your site.
After the crawling process, you can edit the URLs info, delete, add new page or change URLs info, like page priority and more.
Then you can save and generate sitemap
Upload it directly to your website server and then submit and ping your sitemap to search engines with the built-in function.
With the four steps, you can easily generate site map and submit sitemap to major search engines.

Other addition features of this sitemap generator to generate site map:

* Generate four types of sitemaps. HTML, XML, TXT and GZ
* Built-in broken links checker to check your dead, links and invalid pages
* Free of charge with the fasted speed
* Improve search engines ranks and site visitors

Now use this sitemap generator to generate site map and submit sitemap now! You will be surprised for how it works so fast and easy and help you so much?